Duratec conversion kits

Duratec conversion kits are a Retroford speciality, containing the components you need to convert your Mk1/2 Escort to rear-wheel-drive Duratec power.

Designed, developed and tested in-house, our Duratec conversion parts look great, fit well and work perfectly. From RWD Duratec sumps to a complete 2.3 Duratec engine, we offer exactly the right kit to transform your retro Ford, rear-wheel-drive classic or track machine.

Retroford’s Duratec conversion kits and components have been used successfully in loads of classic Fords owned by us and our customers – check out our gallery for some serious inspiration.

What is a Duratec?

Ford’s Duratec engine is the next generation from the ever-popular Zetec – also a DOHC 16-valve but with a timing chain rather than cam belt. Its induction and exhaust ports are on the opposite sides to the Zetec’s, being right and left respectively (when viewed from the front of the engine).

The Duratec four-cylinder – sometimes referred to as the Duratec HE – was introduced in 2001, found in the Mk3 Mondeo, Focus and Fiesta ST150, usually in 1.8 and 2.0 form.

Duratecs are strong, reliable and easy to tune to beyond 200bhp when mated to aftermarket throttle bodies, so they’re particularly suitable for adapting to rear-wheel drive.


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