Zetec conversion kits

Ford Zetec engines are an ideal transplant into any classic Ford, being powerful, affordable and readily-available.

Retroford specialises in Zetec rear-wheel-drive conversions, offering our own expertly-engineered fitting kits, custom-made mounts and throttle body packages – in fact, almost everything you need to transform your 50bhp Mk1 Escort into a 200bhp monster.

Retroford’s Zetec conversion kits are backed by our 20-year experience and engineering expertise, being extensively developed on road and track in our own cars. Our kits are regularly seen in magazine features, and we’ve produced fitting guides to ensure installation is straightforward.

Retroford’s Zetec conversion kits are available off-the-shelf to suit Mk1/2 Escorts, but we cater for Anglias, Cortinas, Capris and a wide range of classic RWD cars too. We can also supply all the parts individually to complete your RWD Zetec conversion – from a tiny T-piece to a brand-new 1.8 or 2.0 Zetec crate engine.

What is a Zetec?

Zetec is the name given to the family of engines fitted to many Ford cars from 1991.  Early, Silver Top engines (Zetec-E with an aluminium rocker cover) were fitted to Escorts from 1991 onwards, late Fiesta Mk3s and then the Mondeo. The unit evolved into the Black Top (Zetec-R, featuring a black, more rounded rocker cover) when the Escort was phased out and the Focus introduced in 1998.

The name Zetec is a little confusing because it’s also used by Ford as a trim level. On top of this, there’s a smaller-capacity Zetec-S, otherwise called the Sigma. To make matters more confusing, late Zetecs and the Focus ST170 were branded Duratecs, which are the newer Mazda-derived Ford engine but essentially the same – still Zetecs, ideal to be transplanted into your RWD classic Ford.

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